June 7th, 1984, the world saw #Ghostbusters for the first time. Let’s watch it together! Spread The Word! #GB30 http://thndr.it/1tVv02c

June 7th, 1984, the world saw #Ghostbusters for the first time. Let’s watch it together! Spread The Word! #GB30 http://thndr.it/1tVv02c



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Always brush twice daily…

“God bless the electric toothbrush!”

I was just reading your amazing blog and I saw a thing on electric toothbrushes, I grabbed an old one from the cupboard and held it against my clit. I orgasmed in about literally, five seconds! After a few tries, I finally squirted! It went all over my bed though. My mum is cleaning my room tomorrow, so how can I hide it?”

Try this: “Guess what, mum? I think it’s time I started tidying my own room. Why don’t you go and relax?”

When masturbating with a toothbrush, squirting some lotion on the brush head feels REALLY good. Especially if it’s cold!”

I saw the one post about using an electric toothbrush on your clit and just had to try it. I’ve never really thought that I was turned on by clit stimulation because I usually only masturbated penetratingly, but oh my GOD I was wrong. I was getting this feeling everywhere at once and it felt so good that I started laughing. I had to take a lot of breaks, but I orgasmed for the first time. Thank you SO MUCH.”

“Thank you for posting about the electric toothbrush… it worked WONDERS!”

So I had my first orgasm today- through electric toothbrush! I’d never masturbated with toys before and also had never had an orgasm, so I spent a while in the pharmacy walking around deliberating getting it - but I did it! As soon as I got home I dropped trow and put on some lovely lesbian porn and got to it and it was AMAZING. Although, I had to be super-quiet because my sister was home and also there were construction workers working on the house outside (they were working on the wall i was leaning against during this… haha).”

Is there such a thing as a mini-orgasm? I started to masturbate with my electric toothbrush on my clit and my fingers on my g-spot, and only two minutes later my body went warm and my vagina started pulsating/squeezing around my fingers! Then after maybe 10 seconds I felt desensitized. It was in the toilets while everyone was home, do you think my body was nervous so I came quicker? Can you control that?”

Some orgasms are bigger than others, but then again, it’s totally possible to just have a genuine, real orgasm in two minutes… so it was probably just that! If you feel you need to learn to come more slowly, try these tips.

So, I tried using my electric toothbrush to masturbate, and it felt, uh, different from when I use the showerhead. I was standing up so my knees buckled against the wall and I had to literally support myself on the wall because it was so intense. (I also had to hold myself back from moaning loudly because my parents were in the room next to me… although I don’t have to moan when I cum in the shower!) It felt intense, but I don’t think I orgasmed?”

Try not doing it standing up or easing off a little? Also, it’s OK to not like everything you try - I only write about so many different ways so that everybody can find *one* that works for them :)

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She looks so happy to cum :) she needs eaten out i think ;)


I love this

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